What moved the French people in 2018

Article 1

The year 2018 is slowly coming to its end. It is the time when everyone starts looking back to review the year. Was it a good one? Did we succeed with our personal plans? How did we do with regard to our fellow humans? What were the stories that touched our hearts and brought us closer together?

In collaboration with Statista, we conducted a representative study with 500 residents in France to identify those relevant memories of 2018 that many people share collectively.

The happenings range from tragedies, like the bridge collapse in Genoa, to joyful memories like the victory of France in the FIFA World Cup 2018. It includes events from society like the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but also scientific discoveries, such asfinding a lake of liquid water 20 km underneath the surface of Mars.

The survey was conducted in October and included international events between January and September 2018.

Please find here the corresponding article by Statista (in French).