Insight Show 2012

Article 1

ODC and Norstat combined forces to participate in our very first Insight Show exhibition – welcome to the show report from Stand F193! This was the hottest event of the year, both literally (a scorching 27 degrees), and figuratively (at least, on the market research calendar).

Between the refreshments and the freebie treats, it was an extremely active day for us all. Aside from the epic amount of networking achieved, we had a selection of pens and post-it notes on offer to help draw passers-by to our colourful stand. Let it never be said that we don’t take care of our clients’ and friends’ stationary needs!

We had a great first day. We saw some old friends and met some exciting new ones. Between the free coffee, sweets and cakes we were able to cover a lot of ground and loved every minute of it. But there was no rest for our weary feet. The Research Club was hosting a little shin dig so we dropped by (well it would be rude not to!). A chance to not only enjoy a well-earned pint, but another opportunity to catch up with our industry friends and reflect on everyone’s day.

We mingled our way around the Research Club as the football played out in the back ground. But that aside, what a wonderful evening! The world of market research really is full of fantastic people – ourselves included!

Back to our best for day 2, we had another fabulous day – with Wimbledon-inspired strawberries on offer to complement the stationary selection and champagne prize draw to get the morning kicked off.  This proved very popular, and we received many hopeful visitors looking to win a bottle of Lanson Champagne in exchange for a business card!

The day also saw ODC’s Sales Director, Matt Reynolds and R&D Manager, Florian Tress take to the stage to share with the audience the winning surveytainment formula in; “Let Me Surveytain You!”. The speech went down a treat with many in attendance.

But all too soon it was 5pm and we had to pack up, unscrew and dismantle the ODC-Norstat stand. With all but three musketeers left, this was no easy feat (a challenge impeded by the lack of air conditioning in the greenhouse Olympia exhibition centre)!

Yes we were absolutely shattered, but we have and always will, play hard and work hard. We also might have gained a few pounds from all the sugar, but it was our fuel for those two mad days! So with the sun setting over Olympia, we parted on our separate ways… until next year. The team’s thanks to everyone who visited us, and to you for reading.

Hope to catch you next year for another fabulous Insight Show!

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