Happy Summer!

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It's summer time! Before everyone is leaving for their well-deserved holiday, we like to give you a brief update on what we were up to during the first half of 2018.

Panel Quartet

Our Online Panels have always been at the very heart of our service. But how well do you know them?
We've created a small online game that lets you find out!

Research Olympics

It's about time for our annual client events. With our “Research Olympics” event series, we’d like to promote the sporty spirit and celebrate research excellence with you. Sprint over to our event website. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Finally, try to resist GDPR fatigue and bear with us for one last remark: You might be happy to hear that we got this new legislation down and that you can fully rely on us. In fact, this was always the case!

Have a relaxing and happy summer!